Porsche 928 (1977-1995) Fuse Diagram


Fuse box diagram (fuse layout), location, and assignment of fuses and relays Porsche 928 (S, S2, S4, SE, CS, GT, GTS) (1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995).

Porsche 928 (1977-1995)

Checking and Replacing Fuses

In order to prevent damage to the electrical system due to short circuits and overloads, fuses protect the individual circuits.

  1. Switch off the load with the defective fuse.
  2. Open the fuse box cover.
  3. Remove the corresponding fuse from its slot using the plastic gripper in order to check it. A blown fuse can be identified by the melted metal strip inside it.
  4. Replace only with fuses of the same rating. We recommend that you use genuine Porsche fuses for replacement.


  • Do not repair fuses and never replace a blown fuse with one that has a higher amp rating. Never replace a broken fuse with anything other than a new fuse (such as wire, foil, etc). This can cause damage to the electrical system and fire.
  • If a fuse blows repeatedly, please contact a qualified specialist workshop.

Passenger Compartment Fuse Box

The fuse panel is located below the dashboard.

Passenger Compartment Fuse Box Location

Passenger Compartment Fuse Box Location

Diagram (1977-1984)

Fuse Box Diagram (1977-1984)

1Fog Lights16
2Driving Lights (Euro)16
3License Plate Light, Engine Comp. Lt8
4Ashtray Light, Switch Lights, Instrument Lights (1983-1984)8
51977-1980; 1982: Cigarette Lighter, Instrument Lights16
1981; 1983-1984: Cigarette Lighter, Instrument Lights (1981)8
6Windshield Wipers, Int.Washers16
71977-1979: Rear Window Wiper8
1983-1984: Stop Light, Cruise Control, Bulb Test
9Backup Light, Mirror Motors, Air Conditioner (1983-1984), Rear Wiper (1983-1984)8
101977-1982: Stop Light, Cruise Control, Bulb Test8
11Instrument,Clock,Light Switch Lamp8
12Instruments and Indicator Lamps8
131983-1984: Fuel Pump, Warm-up Reg, Aux Air-Valve16
14Electric Seat Motors25
15Horns, Antenna, Rear Wiper Return16
16A/C Condenser Fan25
17Fresh Air Blower, A/C Comp. Clutch (1977-1979)25
18Rear Defroster, Mirror Heaters25
19Headlight Motor25
20Headlight Washers16
21Window Motors, Central Lock System (1980-1984)25
221977-1982: Fuel Pump, Warm-up Reg, Aux Air-Valve25
23Inside Lights, Clock, Tailgate Release8
24High Beam - Left8
25High Beam - Right8
26Low Beam - Left8
27Low Beam - Right8
28Parking Lights - Left8
29Parking Lights - Right8
30Turn Signal - Front/Left8
31Turn Signal - Rear/Left8
32Turn Signal - Front/Right8
33Turn Signal - Front/Right8
34Rear Fog Light (Euro)8
I-IIRear Defroster
III1977-1979: Headlight Motor
1983-1984; Euro: Window WInder
IV1977-1979: Headlight Power Supply
1984; US: Alarm
VIndicator(turn) Flasher
VIWindow Winder
VIIHeadlamp Washers
VIIINot Used
IX1977-1979: Seat Belt
1983-1984: Kick-Down Relay - Auto
1983-1984: Kick-Down BRIDGE - 5-Speed
XTwin-Tone Horns
XI1977-1979: A/C Compressor
XIII1977-1979: High Beam Power
1980-1984: Intermittent Wiper Delay
XIV1977-1979: High/Low Headlight
1980-1984: Start-Relay (auto)
1980-1984: Start-Bridge (manual)
XV1977-1979: Start-Relay (auto)
1977-1979: Start-Bridge (manual)
1980-1984: Intensive Washers
1980-1981: w/o Int. Washer (Bridge)
XVI1977-1979: Headlight Safety
1980-1984: Fuel Injection
XVIIFuel Pump
XVIIIA/C Condensor Fan
XIX1977-1979: Intermittent Wiper Delay
XIX-XX1980-1984: Combination Headlight
XX1977-1979: Intensive Washers
XXIFresh Air Blower



Diagram (1985-1989)

Fuse Box Diagram (1985-1989)

11985-1988: Central Locking System5
1989: Central Locking System15
21985-1986: Cigarette Lighter20
1987-1988: Cigarette Lighter25
31987-1988: Control Unit - Cooling Fans5
4Brake Light, Cruise Control7.5
51985-1986: Windscreen Wipers, Nozzle Heating15
1987-1988: Windscreen Wipers, Nozzle Heating25
61985-1986: Light: Button Panel, Light switch5
1987-1988: Air Conditioning7.5
7Seat Heating15
81985-1986: Air Conditioning7.5
1987-1988: Seat Heating15
9Telephone (factory)7.5
10Instruments, Indicator Lamps, Kick-down (auto; 1987-1988)5
11Rear Window Wiper7.5
12Backup Light, Mirror Motors7.5
13Supplementary A/C (Rear A/C)15
15Window Winders30
161985-1986: Antilock Braking System10
1987-1988: Antilock Braking System15
17Fresh Air Blower30
18Horns, Rear Wiper-(Rest Position)15
19Rear Window Defroster25
20Electric Seat Adjustment - Left30
21Electric Seat Adjustment - Right30
221987-1988: Radio - Amplifier15
231985-1986: After-Running Radiator Fan7.5
1987-1988: Cooling Air Flap Adjustment
241985-1986: Current Pulse-Tailgate, Interior lights5
1987-1988: Diagnostic Connector, Current Pulse-Tailgate, Interior lights7.5
25Headlamp Washing System25
26Tailgate Release1
27Headlamp Motor15
281985-1986: Radio-Amplifier15
1987-1988: Radiator Cooling Fan #130
291985-1986: A/C Condensor/Radiator Cooling Fan25
1987-1988: Radiator Cooling Fan #230
30Fog Lights15
31Main (High) Beam - Left7.5
32Main (High) Beam - Right7.5
33Driving Lights15
34Indicator (turn) Light Front/Left5
35Indicator (turn) Light Rear/Left5
36Indicator (turn) Light Front/Right5
37Indicator (turn) Light Rear/Left5
38Dipped (low) Beam - Left7.5
39Dipped (low) Beam - Right7.5
40Parking Light - Left5
41Parking Light - Right5
42Fuel Pump, O2 Sensor-Heating15
43License Plate Light, Engine Comp. Lt5
44Ashtray Light, Instrument Lights5
45Rear Foglight (Euro only)5
I-IIRear Defroster
IIINot Used
IVIgnition Relay-X
VIndicator(turn), 4-Way Flasher
VIWindow Winder
VIIIntermittent Wiper Delay Timer
IXIntensive Washers
XFresh Air (HVAC) Blower
XIInterference Noise Suppressor
XIITwin-Tone Horns
XIVStarter Relay
XV1985-1986: Kick-Down Relay(Auto) (thru 86 VIN#0998)
1986-1989: Kick-Down Relay(Auto) ('86 VIN# 09999 and higher)
XVI1985-1986: EZF Ignition System
1987-1989: EZK Ignition System (w/Fuse Tester)
XVIIABS Relay (US '86 from VIN#0061/ Euro from '85)
XVIII1985-1986: A/C Condensor/Radiator Fan
1987-1988: Cooling Air Flap System
XIXHeadlamp Washers
XXFuel Pump, O2 Sensor
XXIInterior Light Delay (1986 VIN# 09999 and higher)
XXII1985-1988: Reverse Light Relay (Auto)
1989: Reverse Light Bridge (5-Speed)
XXIII-XXIVCombination Headlamp
XXVLH-Jetronic Fuel Injection
XXVINot Used



Diagram (1990-1995)

Fuse Box Diagram (1990-1995)

1Dipped (low) Beam - Left7.5
2Dipped (low) Beam - Right7.5
3Main (High) Beam - Left7.5
4Main (High) Beam - Right7.5
5Driving Lights15
6Fog Lights15
7Parking Light - Left 5
8Parking Light - Right5
9Lights: Ashtray, Instruments5
10Lights: License Plate, Engine Comp. (1990)5
11Rear Foglight (Euro only)5
12Indicator (Turn) Light - Front/Left5
13Indicator (Turn) Light - Rear/Left5
14Indicator (Turn) Light - Front/right5
15Indicator (Turn) Light - Rear/Left5
16Rear Window Defroster25
171990: Central Locking System15
1991-1995: Warning Flasher, Engine Comp. Light 
181990: Cooling Air Flap Adjustment7.5
1991-1995: Window/Sunroof Regulator25
19Headlamp Washing System25
20Fresh Air Blower30
21Radio - Amplifier15
22Electric Seat Adjustment - Left30
23Electric Seat Adjustment - Right30
24Horns, Rear Wiper-(Rest Position; 1990-1991)15
25Diagnostic Connector,Current Pulse-Tailgate, Interior lights7.5
26Tailgate Release1
27Headlamp Motor15
28Antilock Braking System15
29Radiator Cooling Fan #130
30Radiator Cooling Fan #230
311990: Window/Sunroof Regulator30
32Not Used-
33Cigarette Lighter25
34Windshield Wipers, Washer Jet Heating25
35Brake Light, Cruise Control7.5
36Control Unit - Cooling Fans5
37Air Conditioning7.5
38Fuel Pump, O2 Sensor-Heating15
39Instruments, Kick-down, Warning Lights, Switch for Rear Wiper5
40Reverse Lights, Mirror Motors, RDK System7.5
41Light: Light Switch, Button Panel, Interior Light Delay, Diag. Con.5
42Rear Window Wiper7.5
43Telephone (Factory)7.5
44Seat Heating15
45Supplementary A/C (Rear A/C)15
I-IIRear Defroster
IIICanada: Daytime Running Lights
VStarter Relay
VI1990: Cooling Air Flap System
VIIHeadlamp Washers
VIII1991-1995: Foglight Flasher-Alarm
IXIntensive Washers
XIgnition Relay-X
XIWiper Delay Timer
XIIFresh Air (HVAC) Blower
XIIIIndicator(turn), 4-Way Flasher
XV1990: ABS Relay
XVI1991-1995: Twin-Tone Horns
XVII1990-1993: Kick-Down Relay (Auto) (up to Vin#92PS8 20500)
1993-1995: Kick-Down Relay (Auto) (from VIN#92PS8 20501)
XVIIIReverse Light Relay (Auto)
Reverse Light Bridge (5-Speed)
XIX1990: Interior Light Delay
1991-1995: Control Unit - Speedometer
XXNot Used
XXIInterference Noise Suppressor
XXIIEZK Ignition System (w/Fuse Tester)
XXIII-XXIVCombination Headlamp
XXVLH-Jetronic Fuel Injection
XXVIFuel Pump,O2 Sensor

Additional Fuses

1977-1981: Power SeatUnderneath Seat
1980-1995: Seat Belt / ChimeInside Center Console Under Radio
1980-1995: Rear Window WiperBehind Tool Kit Cover - Drivers Side
1989-1995: Ignition Overheat RelayMounted on Engine Computer Frame
1989-1995: Anti-Theft RelayInside Center Console Under Radio