Peugeot 405 (1987-1997) Fuse Diagram


Fuse box diagram (fuse layout), location, and assignment of fuses Peugeot 405 (1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997).

Peugeot 405 (1987-1997)

Checking and Replacing Fuses

Your vehicle’s electrical system is protected from overloading by fuses. If any lights, accessories, or controls in the vehicle do not work, inspect the appropriate circuit protector. If a fuse has blown, the inside element will be melted.

Before changing a fuse, it is necessary to:

  • Immobilise the vehicle and switch off the ignition,
  • Switch off all electrical consumers,
  • Identify the failed fuse using the fuse allocation tables and diagrams in the following pages,
  • Identify and correct the cause of the problem.

When replacing a fuse, you must always:

  • Use the special tweezer to extract the fuse from its holder and check the condition of its element,
  • Replace a failed fuse by one of the same rating (same colour); the use of a different rating fuse could cause a fault (risk of fire).

If the same fuse blows again, avoid using that system and have the vehicle’s electrical system checked by PEUGEOT dealer or a qualified workshop as soon as possible.


  • Never use a fuse of a higher or lower amperage rating than that specified. This could damage the electrical system or cause a fire.
  • Never replace a broken fuse with anything other than a new fuse (such as wire, foil, etc). Use always an intact fuse of the same color.
  • Your vehicle’s electrical system is designed to operate with standard or optional equipment. Before installing other electrical equipment or accessories on your vehicle, contact a PEUGEOT dealer or a qualified workshop.

Passenger Compartment Fuse Box

The fuse panel is located under the dashboard to the left-hand side. To open the fuse box, pull the cover door of the fuse box forward.

Passenger Compartment Fuse Box Location

Passenger Compartment Fuse Box Diagram

F110Radio / CD player power supply after main switch
F25Relay compressor cut - electricity after ceiling light timer switch - key has three versatile
F315After the power switch modulator ABS - high speed fan relays
F410Small LED rear right - Buzzer signal relay power-lighting
F515Relay Fans - feeding after switch intelligent ventilation system
F610Air bag power supply
F720Horn Relay-fog lamp-horn
F8-Shunt: Input shunt switches
F910Front small lights, Rear small lights left, Rear plaque light
F1030Rear window lifter - Window switches back lighting
F1130MAIN FUSE related to front light- low and high beam lights- the relay front/rear fog lamp
F1210Reverse lights - rear obstacle warning unit - after the switch forward power amplifiers - feeding after room temperature sensor switch - switch power after DIAG - feeding after ABS alarm relay
F1330No consumption
F1430No consumption
F1515Power LED ceiling lights front and rear - power unit central locking - power folding mirror unit - electric permanent timers roof - lights trunk - relay ejector trunk
F1620Lighter. continual power supply after main switch
F1710Permanent power unit intelligent ventilation system - Memory radio
F1810Rear fog lamp
F1910Panel lighting - Front lighting Amp - Brightness panel radio keys - Lighting control system on the steering wheel (MFC) - Lighter lighting - Lighting controllers, electric mirrors
F2030Power driver seat
F2130Smart fan ventilation system
F2220Power passenger seat
F2315No consumption
F2430Motor for Wipers - Wiper lever - Power unit glass wiper and washer pump
F2515Forward permanent power amplifiers - a permanent power DIAG
F2615Flash unit - a permanent electricity panel radio buttons
F2730Rear glass heater - Side mirrors heater
F2815Brake lights - front window lift relay - panel power after switch keys radio
F2930Window lifter front - Lighting glass front lift keys
F3015Map reading light - Steering indicator circuit power supply - The power relay - Glove compartment light - Rear window lifter relay - Relay locking rear lift glass child - Lighting rear lift glass - Automatic window lifter unit - Electric mirror
F31-Spare fuses


Engine Compartment Fuse Box

Engine Compartment Fuse Box Location

Engine Compartment Fuse Box Diagram

F3230Fan for engine
F3330Fan for engine
F3430Spare fuse
F3530Spare fuse
F36-Short circuit connection - Power supply for fuse box and main switch
F37-Short circuit connection - Power supply for fusebox