MINI Coupe and Roadster (R58, R59; 2011-2015) Fuse Diagram


Fuse box diagram (fuse layout), location, and assignment of fuses and relays MINI Coupe (R58) and MINI Roadster (R59) – Cooper + S, JCW & SD (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015).

MINI Coupe (2011-2015)

Checking and Replacing Fuses

The wiring circuits in the vehicle are protected from short circuits by fuses. This greatly reduces the chance of damage caused by electrical problems.

To check a fuse, look at the silver-colored band inside the fuse. If the band is broken or melted, replace the fuse. Be sure to replace a bad fuse with a new one of the identical size and rating. Information on the fuses can be found on the inside of the covers.


  • Before replacing a fuse check that the key has been removed from the ignition and that all the services are switched off and/or disengaged.
  • Never attempt to repair a blown fuse and do not replace a defective fuse with a substitute of another color or amperage rating; this could lead to a circuit overload, ultimately resulting in a fire in the vehicle.
  • Fuses should be replaced by the service center.
  • If a fuse blows again contact a qualified service center.

Passenger Compartment Fuse Box Diagram

The fuse box is located on the right side of the footwell.

Passenger Compartment Fuse Box Location

Passenger Compartment Fuse Box Diagram

AmpsProtected Component
1- -
230Headlight Washer Relay, Headlight Washer Pump Relay
330Trailer Module
430Footwell Module
5- -
630Convertible Top Module
720Trailer Socket
830Footwell Module
9- -
1010Rear Spoller Drive
1115Driver's Door System Lock, Passenger's Door System Lock, Fuel Filler Flap Central Locking (USA)
125Telephone (Base Plate, USB Hub) or Combox
1310Japan: Navigation
14- -
1515Transmission Control
1610Make-Up Mirror Lights, Roof Operating Unit, Luggage Compartment Light
1710Steering Column Switch Center
185Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
195Rain/Headlight Sensor, Tyre Pressure Control (RDC), Hydraulec Shift Unit (Automatic Transmission), Selector Lever Position Switch (Automatic Transmission), DC/DC Coverter (Manual Transmission)
2010Heating/Air Conditioning System, Glove Compartment Light
2110Control Access Control Unit
227.5Outside Mirror Fold-in
2310MINI Joystick, Central Information Display (with CCC/M-ASK)
2410A/C Compressor Clutch Relay
2515Windscreen Washer Pump
265Electrochromic Interior Rearview Mirror, Selector Lever Position Switch (USA, Canada, Australia)
277.5Siren with Tilt Alarm Sensor
2815Driver's Door System Lock, Passenger's Door System Lock, Fuel Filler Flap Cantral Locking Drive (EU)
295OBD II Socket, Additional Instrument
30- -
315N47: Fuel Heater, Electric Auxiliary Heater
5W16: Electric Auxiliary Heater, Telephone Retrofit Packages Connector
325Park Distance Control (PDC)
335AUC Sensor, DC/DC Converter
347.5Mirror Adjustment Switch, Driver's Seat Heating Module, Passenger's Seat Heating Module, Electrochromic Interior Rearview Mirror
355DSC Sensor
365Car Access System
37- -
385Japan: Navigation
395USB Hub, Navigation (Asia)
4030Rear Window Defogger Relay
4130Passenger's Seat Heating Module
4230Driver's Seat Heating Module
4320Trailer Module
10Rollover Protection Controller
4420Front Cigar Lighter, Rear Charging Socket
4520Radio, Central Information Display (with CCC/CHAMP)
4620Fuel Pump Relay
4720Horn Relay, Steering Column Switch Center
4830Heating/Air Conditioning System (except IHKA), Blower Motor (IHKA), Blower Output Stage (IHKA)
50- -
5140Car Access System
5240Footwell Module
5340Footwell Module
R1Headlight Cleaning System
R2Termanal 30G
4Blower Motor
5Windscreen Washer Pump
6Headlight Washer Pump
13Rear Window Defogger
19A/C Compressor Clutch
91Rear Window Wiper №1
91aRear Window Wiper №2
96Fuel Pump
(4x)Power Door Lock


Engine Compartment Fuse Box Diagram

Press the snap lock to open.

Engine Compartment Fuse Box Location

Engine Compartment Fuse Box Diagram

AmpsProtected Component
17.5Digital Motor Electronics (DME) Control Unit
225Digital Motor Electronics (DME) Control Unit
320Digital Motor Electronics (DME) Control Unit, Crankcase Ventilation Heater Relay
420Digital Motor Electronics (DME) Control Unit
57.5Diagnostic Module for Fuel Tank Leakage, Electric Fan Relay, Fuel Injectors Relay (Cooper S), Valvetronic Relay (N18, except Cooper S)
625Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
77.5Crankcase Ventilation Heater Relay (Engine Breather Heater)
840Electric Fan Relay (Electric Fan)
930Wiper Relay №1 & №2
1015Terminal 15 Relief Relay (Electronics Junction Box, Digital Motor Electronics (DME) Control Unit)
640Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
7- -
8- -
950Petrol: Electric Fan Relay №2 (Electric Fan, Digital Motor Electronics (DME) Control Unit)
50Diesel: Electric Fan Relay №2 (Electric Fan, Digital Diesel Electronics (DDE) Control Unit)
1050Windscreen Heater Relay
11- -
1230DC/DC Converter
Reverse Side
1- -
2- -
340R59: Convertible Top Relay №1 & №2
480Electromechanical Power Steering
5- -
R1Petrol: Digital Motor Electronics (DME)
R2Crankcase Ventilation Heater
R3Electric Fan
R4Electric Fan (№2)
R5Terminal 15 Relief
R6Wiper Motor On/Off
R7Wiper Motor Fast/Slow
RDiesel: Fuel Heater
Additional Fuse Box №1

Additional Fuse Box №1

AmpsProtected Component
60125Passenger Compartment Fuse Box
67150Engine Compartment Fuse Box
6840except Cooper S: Valvetronic Relay
40Cooper S: Fuel Injectors Relay
69100N47, W16: Electric Auxiliary Heater
Additional Fuse Box №2 (Diesel)

Additional Fuse Box №2

AmpsProtected Component
125Digital Diesel Electronics (DDE) Control Unit
225Changeover Valve for EGR Valve, Volume Control Valve, Preheating Control Unit, Exhaust Recirculation Cooler Bypass Solenoid Valve, Oxygen Sensor after Catalytic Converter, Oxygen Sensor before Catalytic Converter, Hot-Film Air Mass Meter, Camshaft Hall-Effect Sensor, Rail Pressure Control Valve
35Electric Fan Relay
45Digital Motor Electronics (DME) Main Relay
R4Digital Diesel Electronics (DDE) Relay

Additional Relays

High Beam Relay (K13562):

High Beam Relay

Convertible Top Relay №1 (K18363), Convertible Top Relay №2 (K18364):


Convertible Top Relays (v1)


Convertible Top Relay (v2)

Glow-Duration Relay (K2283):

Glow-Duration Relay

Heated Windscreen Relay (K416):

Heated Windscreen Relay

Fuel Injectors Relay (K6327) or Valvetronic Relay (K6319a), Secondary Air Pump Relay (K6304):

Fuel Injectors Relay (or Valvetronic Relay), Secondary Air Pump Relay