Mercedes-Benz Vito (W638) (1997-2003) Fuse Diagram


Fuse box diagram (fuse layout), location, and assignment of fuses and relays Mercedes-Benz Vito (W638) (108 D, 108 CDI, 110 D & CDI, V200 (113), V230 (114), V280, 112 CDI) (1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003).


Mercedes-Benz Vito (W638) (1997-2003)

Checking and Replacing Fuses

The fuses in your vehicle serve to close down faulty circuits. If a fuse blows, all the components on the circuit and their functions stop operating. If a fuse has blown, the inside element will be melted. Blown fuses must be replaced with fuses of the same rating, which you can recognize by the color and value. The fuse ratings are listed in the fuse allocation chart.

If a newly inserted fuse also blows, have the cause traced and rectified at a qualified specialist workshop, e.g. an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center.


  • Before changing a fuse, secure the vehicle against rolling away and switch off all electrical consumers.
  • Always disconnect the battery before servicing high current fuses.
  • Always replace faulty fuses with the specified new fuses having the correct amperage. If you manipulate or bridge a faulty fuse or if you replace it with a fuse with a higher amperage, the electric cables could be overloaded. This could result in a fire. There is a risk of an accident and injury.
  • Only use fuses that have been approved for Mercedes-Benz vehicles and which have the correct fuse rating for the system concerned. Otherwise, components or systems could be damaged.

Fuse box under the steering column

Fuse box under steering column (location)

Fuse box under steering column (diagram)

AFused function
110Right side light and taillamp, trailer socket (term. 58R)
15M111 and OM601 (relay K71)
210Right main beam
15M111 and OM601 (connector between main wiring harness and taxi console II for right main beam)
310Left main beam, main beam indicator lamp
15M111 and OM601 (connector between main wiring harness and taxi console II for left main beam)
415Signal horn, reverse lamp, convenience locking system, central locking system combination relay (term. 15)
515Cruise control switch and control module, stop lamp, M104.900 (transmission fault indicator lamp)
620Front and rear windshield washers
710ABS/ABD and ABS/ETS safety lamp and information display, indicator lamps, windshield washer water level, recirculated air switch, tachograph (term. 15), diagnosis socket, filament bulb monitoring control module (term. 15), instrument cluster (term. 15), glove compartment illumination, M104.900 (speedometer sensor)
820Cigarette lighter, radio (term. 30), automatic antenna, trunk socket, sliding door and driver's cabin interior lights
910Clock, warning flashers, tachograph (hire cars only)
107.5Registration plate illumination, day-driving light relay, headlamp cleaning system relay, passenger compartment illumination, radio (term. 58), all control switch illumination, tachograph (term. 58)
15M111 and OM601 (main wiring harness/taxi console II connector for term. 58)
1110Registration plate illumination, relay K71 (term. 58), trailer socket (term. 58L), left taillamp and side light
1215Right low beam, fog taillamp, day-driving light relay K69
1315Left low beam, day-driving light relay K68
1415Fog lamp
1515Radio (term. 15R)
16-Not used
17-Not used
18-Not used
LRelay turn signals
RWiper relay


Fuse box in Instrument panel, right side

Fuse box in Instrument panel (location)

Fuse box in Instrument panel (diagram)

AFused function
17.5Right and left vent windows
230Right front power window, front sliding roof
330Left front power window, rear sliding roof
425Central locking system actuators
510Interior lighting, make-up mirror
620Left and right interior sockets
77.5D-network telephone, cellular phone
820Anti-theft alarm system (ATA), ATA control module (term. 30)
910Residual engine heat storage system (MRA), auxiliary heater relay
107.5Anti-theft alarm system signal horn
117.5Left flasher lamp (from ATA)
127.5Right flasher lamp (from ATA)
16-Not used
17-Not used
18-Not used

Fuse and relay box (driver’s seat frame/left-hand drive vehicle)

Fuse and relay box (location)

Fuse and relay box diagram

AFused function
17.5Control module (term. 15) for ABS and pneumatic shock absorption, ASR, EBV
215Immobilizer, engine control module (term. 15)
M104.900 (ignition coil, fuel pump relay)
M111 and OM601 (idle speed control, diesel control module)
25Wiper Multiple Relay - rear
37.5Engine fan, immobiliser control
415M104.900 (Oxygen sensor, secondary air pump relay, heater crank case illumination, multiport fuel injection/ignition system control module, tank venting, secondary intake manifold changeover and tank valve
M111 and OM601 (seat belt warning relay only for Japan)
25Charge Air Cooler - diesel Radiator
Fan - Petrol
520M104.900 (6 injection valves, fuel pump)
M111 and OM601 (ignition coils, tank sensor module, 4 injection valves)
25ABS Valve Control
610Automatic transmission, immobilizer and engine control module (term. 30)
715Electronic level control warning lamps, relay K26 (D+)
30Heating Operating Device
810Airbag control module
20Headlamp Cleaning Relay
97.5Airbag indicator lamp
Auxiliary Heating Control
1025Trailer socket (term. 30), refrigerator box
1130Rear windshield heater control module (term. 30), Anti Theft Alarm/Central locking check-back signal
1225ABS control module (term. 30)
10Heater Control Unit
1330Pneumatic shock absorber compressor
147.5Auxiliary heater operating equipment, auxiliary flasher module for trailer, pneumatic shock absorber control module, tachograph (term. 30)
157.5Two-way radio unit
1615Air conditioning compressor relay, air conditioning system illumination switch and control module, residual engine heat storage system control module (term. 15), Taxi Meter
1715Automatic transmission control module (term. 15), position switch and illumination switch, kick-down air conditioning shut-off, M111 and OM601 (transmission fault indicator lamp)
1810Car telephone, cellular phone, anti-theft alarm system control module, mirror adjustment (left, right, tilt inwards)
1910Day-driving light relay K69
15Crankcase Ventilation (diesel)
Terminal 15 (petrol engine)
2010Day-driving light relay K68
15Terminal 15 (petrol engine)
2110Relay K71 (term. 58)
15Ignition Coil (petrol engine)
2240Front heater
20Fuel Pump (petrol engine)
2325Right seat heater/position adjustment, rear windshield wiper relay (term. 15)
7.5ECU - Engine Control Unit (diesel)
2430Left seat heater/position adjustment
25ECU - Engine Control Unit (diesel)
2510Auxiliary heater and water pump relay, residual engine heat storage control module (term. 30)
2620Main beam washing system relay
25Heater Booster Control Unit (diesel), Auxiliary Heating with Heater Booster
2725Auxiliary water heater control module (term. 30), engine radiator (turbo diesel)
2815D+ terminal Relay, Daytime driving lights K89 Relay
2910Daytime driving lights K69 Relay
3010Daytime driving lights K68 Relay
3110Terminal 58 Relay
3230Seat Heater – left seat, Seat Adjuster – left seat
3325Seat Heater – right seat Seat Adjuster – right seat
347.5Water separator
357.5Rear heater / A/C
3615Rear heater / A/C
M140Engine fan (without air conditioning system)
60Engine fan (with air conditioning system)
М250ABS control module
М340M104.900 (secondary air pump)
M111 and OM601 (not used)




К91Right turn signals relay
К90Left turn signals relay
К4Circuit 15 relay
К10Pneumatic shock absorber compressor
К19Headlamp Cleaning Relay
К39Fuel pump relay
К27Seat unloaded relay
К6ECU relay
К103Cooling system booster pump relay
К37Horn relay
К26Electronic level control warning lamps
К83Fog lamps relay
К29Heater relay (ZHE)
К70Circuit 15 relay
К1Starter relay
V10АТА 2
V8Heater diode (ZHE)
K71Terminal 58 Relay
K68Daytime driving lights K68 Relay
K69Daytime driving lights K69 Relay
K88Fog lamps relay 1 (DRL)
K89Fog lamps relay 2 (DRL)