Infiniti FX35, FX50, QX70 (2008-2017) Fuse Diagram


Fuse box diagram (fuse layout), location, and assignment of fuses and relays Infiniti FX35, FX50, QX70 (S51) (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017).


Infiniti FX35, FX50, QX70 (2008-2017)

Checking and Replacing Fuses

Fuses, fusible links, and circuit breakers protect your vehicle’s electrical system from overloading. If any electrical equipment in your vehicle does not operate, the system may have been overloaded and blown a fuse or tripped a circuit breaker. Before you replace or repair any electrical parts, check the appropriate fuses or circuit breakers.

  1. Be sure the ignition switch is pushed to the OFF or LOCK position and the headlight switch is turned to OFF.
  2. Open the fuse box cover (open the engine hood and remove the battery cover for under-hood blocks).
  3. Remove the fuse with the fuse puller. The fuse puller is located in the fuse block in the passenger compartment.
  4. To check a fuse, look at the silver-colored band inside the fuse. If the band is broken or melted, replace the fuse. Spare fuses are stored in the passenger compartment fuse box.
  5. If a new fuse also opens, have the electrical system checked and repaired by an INFINITI dealer.

If the electrical equipment does not operate and the fuses are in good condition, check the fusible links (if any of these fusible links are melted, replace with only genuine INFINITI parts).


  • Never use a fuse of a higher or lower amperage rating than that specified on the fuse box cover. This could damage the electrical system or cause a fire.
  • Always disconnect the battery before servicing high current fuses.
  • Never replace a broken fuse with anything other than a new fuse. Use always an intact fuse of the same color.

Passenger Compartment Fuse Box (J/B)

The fuse panel is located in the lower driver’s side area behind the kick panel.

Passenger Compartment Fuse Box Location

Passenger Compartment Fuse Box Diagram

ACircuit Protected
1-Not Used
210Occupant Detection System Control Unit , Air Bag Diagnosis Sensor Unit
310Front Combination Lamp, Ionizer, Climate Controlled Seat Relay, Unified Meter And A/C Amp., Low Tire Pressure Warning Control Unit, Can Gateway, AV Control Unit, Exhaust Gas / Outside Odor Detecting Sensor, Auto Anti-dazzling Inside Mirror, ICC Brake Hold Relay, ASCD Brake Switch, Stop Lamp Switch, AFS Control Unit, Data Link Connector, Warning Systems Switch, Lane Departure Warning Buzzer, Lane Camera Unit, Compressor, Tel Adapter Unit, Heated Seat Relay, Heated Seat Switch (Driver Side/Passenger Side)
410Combination Meter, Back-up Lamp Relay, Around View Monitor Control Unit, Sonar Control Unit
Accessory Relay
610Key slot, Clock, Data Link Connector, Rain Sensor, Intelligent Key Warning Buzzer , Auto Anti-Dazzling Inside Mirror
710ICC Brake Hold Relay, Stop Lamp Switch, Body Control Module (BCM)
820Bose (audio system)
910Key Slot, Push-Button Ignition Switch
1010Body Control Module (BCM), Automatic Drive Positioner Control Unit, Total Illumination Control Unit, Seat Memory Switch, Drive Seat Control Unit
1110Combination Meter, Unified Meter and A/C Amp., AWD Control Unit, CAN Gateway, Pre-Crash Seat Belt Control Unit (Driver Side / Passenger Side)
14-Not Used
1510Door Mirrors
1620Rear Windows Defogger
1720Rear Windows Defogger
1810E-SUS Control Unit
19-Not Used
2015Front Power Socket
2110Door Mirror Remote Control Switch, Unified Meter And A/C Amp., Multifunction Switch, Total Illumination Control Unit, AV Control Unit, Around View Monitor Control Unit, Tel Adapter Unit, Satellite Radio Tuner
Console Power Socket, Rear Power Socket
2315Blower Motor
2415Blower Motor
R2Rear Windows Defogger


Engine Compartment Fuse Box №1 (IPDM E/R)

It is near the battery.

Engine Compartment Fuse Box №1 Diagram

ACircuit Protected
115Fuel Pump Relay, Fuel Pump Control Module, Fuel Level Sensor Unit, Fuel Pump, Engine Control Module (ECM)
210Cooling Fan Relay 2
310Transmission Control Module (TCM), Snow Mode Switch
410Fuel Injectors, Engine Control Module (ECM), Body Control Module (BCM), Total Illumination Control Unit
510ICC Sensor Integrated Unit, Accelerator Pedal Actuator, ABS Actuator And Electric Unit (Control Unit), Steering Angle Sensor, Yaw Rate 1 Side G Sensor, AWD Control Unit, Power Steering Control Unit, RAS Control Unit, ICC Warning Chime, Brake Booster Control Unit
615Heated Oxygen Sensor 2 (Bank 2/Bank 1), Air Fuel Ratio (A/F) Sensor 1 (Bank 1/Bank 2)
710Combination Switch
810Steering Lock Relay
910A/C Relay, Compressor
1015Engine Control Module (ECM), ECM Relay, Condensor, Intake Valve Timing Control Solenoid Valve, Exhaust Valve Timing Control Solenoid Valve, EVAP Canister Vent Control Valve, Ignition Coils, EVAP Canister Purge Volume Control Solenoid Valve, Mass Air Flow Sensors, VVEL Control Module
1115Throttle Control Motor Relay, Engine Control Module (ECM)
1210Tail Lamp
1310Rear Combination Lamp, License Plate Lamp, Glove Box Lamp, Total Illumination Control Unit, Front Power Socket, ATT Shift Selector, AV Control Unit
1410Headlamp LH  (High Beam)
1510Headlamp RH (High Beam)
1615Headlamp LH (Low Beam)
1715Headlamp RH (Low Beam)
Front Fog Lamp Relay
19-Not Used
2030Front Wiper Relay
R1Not Used
R2Starter Control


Engine Compartment Fuse Box №2 (E12)

It is near the battery.

Engine Compartment Fuse Box №2 Location

Engine Compartment Fuse Box №2 Diagram

ACircuit Protected
3115Horn Relay №1, Alternator
3230Option Connector
3310AWD Control Unit, Brake Booster Control Unit
3415Front Display Unit, AV Control Unit, Around View Monitor Control Unit, Woofer, Satellite Radio Tuner, Tel Adapter Unit
3515Back Door Control Unit
3610Transmission Control Module (TCM)
3720RAS Motor Relay
3810Horn Relay №2
G50VVEL Actuator Motor Relay
H30Fuse Block J/B
I-Not Used
J30Pre-Crash Seat Belt Control Unit (Driver Side)
K30Pre-Crash Seat Belt Control Unit (Passenger Side)
L40Body Control Module (BCM), Automatic Drive Positioner Cont, Driver Seat Control Unit, Lumbar Support Switch, Side Support Unit, Power Seat Switch
M30ABS Actuator and Electronic Unit
N50ABS Actuator and Electronic Unit
O50Cooling Fan Relay 1
P50Fuse Block E213 - Fuse №: Q (Automatic Back Door Control Unit), 61 (Accelerator Pedal Actuator), 62 (Climate Controlled Seat Relay), 63 (Climate Controlled Seat Relay, Heated Seat Relay)
R1Horn Relay №1

Engine Compartment Fuse Box №3 (E212; VK engine)

Engine Compartment Fuse Box №3 Location

Engine Compartment Fuse Box №3 Diagram

ACircuit Protected
R-Not Used
S50Cooling Fan Relay 2
R1Cooling Fan Relay 2


Engine Compartment Fuse Box №4 (E213)

Engine Compartment Fuse Box №4 Diagram

ACircuit Protected
6115Accelerator Pedal Actuator
6215Climate Controlled Seat Relay
6310Climate Controlled Seat Relay
Heated Seat Relay
Q30Automatic Back Door Control Unit
R6Horn Relay №2
R8ICC Brake Hold Relay

Fuse Block on Positive Battery Terminal (Fusible Link Block)

Fusible Link Block

ACircuit Protected
A250Starter Motor
Fuse №: C. D, E
B100Fuse №: O (Cooling Fan Relay 1), S (Cooling Fan Relay 2)
C100Fuse and Fusible Link Block
D80Fuse Block J/B (Fuse №: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)
To Accessory Power Supply
To Ignition Power Supply
E100IPDM E/R (Fuse №: 10, 11)
To Ignition Power Supply
F60IPDM E/R (Fuse №: 18 (Front Fog Lamp Relay); Headlamp High Relay, Headlamp Low Relay, Tail Lamp Relay)
To Ignition Power Supply