Ford Ka (2008-2016) Fuse Diagram

Fuse box diagram (fuse layout), location and assignment of fuses Ford Ka (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016).


Ford Ka (2008-2016)

Checking and Replacing Fuses

Fuses and circuit breakers protect your vehicle’s electrical system from overloading. If electrical parts in your vehicle are not working, the system may have been overloaded and blown a fuse or tripped a circuit breaker. Before you replace or repair any electrical parts, check the appropriate fuses or circuit breakers.

To check a fuse, look at the silver-colored band inside the fuse. If the band is broken or melted, replace the fuse.


  • Before replacing fuses check that the key has been removed from the ignition and that all the services are switched off and/or disengaged.
  • Always disconnect the battery before servicing high current fuses.
  • Always replace a fuse with one that has the specified amperage rating. Using a fuse with a higher amperage rating can cause severe wire damage and could start a fire.
  • Never replace a broken fuse with anything other than a new fuse. Use always an intact fuse of the same color.
  • If a fuse blows again contact a qualified service center.

Passenger Compartment Fuse Box

Left-hand drive versions: to access the fuse you must remove the press-fitted cover. The 5A fuse for door mirror demisting is located in the diagnostic socket area.

Passenger Compartment Fuse Box Location (LHD)

Right-hand drive versions: To gain access to the fuse box, open flap located inside the glove compartment.

Passenger Compartment Fuse Box Location (RHD)

Passenger Compartment Fuse Box Diagram

ACircuits Protected
F127.5Right dipped beam power supply
F137.5Left dipped headlight and headlight alignment control unit power supply
F315Remote switch coils on fuse box in engine compartment (INT/A)
F327.5Front and rear roof lights, boot and puddle lights
F3610Diagnosis socket, radio, climate control, EOBD
F375Brake light switch, instrument panel node
F3820Door central locking
F4315Windscreen/rear window washer pump
F4720Driver’s side electric windows
F4820Passenger side electric window
F495Parking sensor, backlighting switches, electric mirrors
F507.5Airbag Control Unit
F517.5Radio switch, convergence, climate control, brake lights, clutch
F535Instrument panel node


Engine Compartment Fuse Box

The fuse box is located on the right side of the engine compartment, next to the battery. To access it press latches, release tabs and remove the cover.

Engine Compartment Fuse Box Location

Engine Compartment Fuse Box Diagram

ACircuits Protected
F0160Body computer control unit
F0220Subwoofer, hi-fi audio amplifier
F0320Ignition switch
F0440ABS control unit (pump power supply)
F0620Single-speed engine cooling fan
30Single-speed engine cooling fan, low speed engine cooling fan
F0740High-speed engine cooling fan
F0830Climate control system fan
F1110Engine control system (secondary loads)
F1415Main headlights
F1515Heated seats
Sun roof motor
F167.5+15 Engine control unit
F1710Engine control unit
F187.5Engine control unit (1.2L Duratec)
Engine control unit, relay coil (1.3L Duratorq)
F197.5Conditioner compressor
F2030Heated rear window, mirror demisters
F2115Fuel pump
F2215Ignition coil, injectors (1.2L Duratec)
20Engine control unit (1.3L Duratorq)
F2320ABS control unit (Control unit power supply + Solenoids)
F247.5+15 ABS control unit (pump power supply), EPS, yaw sensor
F3015Fog headlights
F8150Glow plug control unit (1.3L Duratorq)
F8350Heated windscreen
F8515Front socket (with or without cigar lighter plug)
F877.5+15 for reversing lights, debimeter, presence of water in diesel sensor, relay coils T02, T05, T14 and T19