Dodge Durango (2004-2009) Fuse Diagram


Fuse box diagram (fuse layout), location and assignment of fuses and relays Dodge Durango (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009).

Dodge Durango (2004-2009)

Checking and Replacing Fuses

Fuses protect the car’s electrical systems from short circuits. To check a fuse, look at the silver-colored band inside the fuse. If the band is broken or melted, replace the fuse. Be sure to replace a bad fuse with a new one of the identical size and rating.

Fuses of the same amperage can be temporarily borrowed from another fuse location if a fuse goes out. Replace the fuse as soon as possible.


  • Before replacing a fuse check that the key has been removed from the ignition and that all the services are switched off and/or disengaged.
  • When replacing a blown fuse, it is important to use only a fuse having the correct amperage rating. The use of a fuse with a rating other than indicated may result in a dangerous electrical system overload.
  • If a properly rated fuse continues to blow, it indicates a problem in the circuit that must be corrected.

Passenger Compartment Fuse Box Diagram

It is located in the left kick panel. It is accessible through a snap-in cover.

Passenger Compartment Fuse Box Location

Passenger Compartment Fuse Box Diagram

ACircuit Protected
1- -
210Power Mirror
320Power Outlet - Instrument Panel
4- -
5- -
6- -
725Radio Amplifier
810Mirror Switch, Mirror Memory Module
1110Satellite Receiver, Monitor/DVD Media System
1315A/C Heater Control (Automatic A/C)
1415Electronic Overhead Module, Data Link Connector, Hands-Free Module, Sentry Key Remote Entry Module, Air Conditioner Compressor Clutch Relay, Fuel Pump Relay, Powertrain Control Module
15- -
1610Occupant Classification Module, Occupant Restraint Controller Module, Passenger Airbag On/Off Indicator Lamp
17- -
1810Sentry Key Remote Entry Module, Integrate Power Module, Air Conditioner Compressor Clutch Relay, Fuel Pump Relay, Powertrain Control Module
1910Cluster, Transfer Case Selector Switch, Driver/Passenger Heated Seat Switch, Inside Rearview Mirror, Infrared Sensor
20- -
21- -
22- -
23- -
2410A/C Heater Control (Manual A/C), Rear A /C Heater Control (Automatic A/C), Rear Blower Motor Relay, Rear Window Defogger Relay
2510Occupant Restraint Controller Module
2610ABS, Stop Lamp Inhibit (Traction Control), Steering Angle Sensor (Traction Control), Dynamics Sensor (Traction Control)
27- -
28- -
29- -
30- -
31- -
32102003-2004: Starter Relay, Powertrain ControlModule, Cluster
3310Occupant Classification Module
3610Powertrain Control Module, Cluster
3520Power Outlet - Console, Rear Power Outlet
Circuit Breaker
CB125Sunroof Motor, Power Window
CB2- -
R1Rear Window Defogger
R2Rear Blower Motor
R4 -


Engine Compartment Fuse Boxes

Two electrical power distribution centers are located next to each other on the left side of the engine compartment.

Power Distribution Center

Power Distribution Center Location

Power Distribution Center Diagram

ACircuit Protected
130Starter Relay, Ignition Switch (Fuse (Passenger Compartment): "16", "18", "19", "32", "34"; (Engine Compartment): "16"), Run/Start Relay
230Integrate Power Module (Wiper High/Low Relay, Wiper On/Off Relay)
340Brake Provision Module
430Ignition Switch (Fuse (Passenger Compartment): "25"), Sunroof Motor, Fuse (Passenger Compartment): "35"
5402005-2009: Driver/Passenger Seat Switch, Heated Seat Module, Seat Memory Module
502003-2004: Driver/Passenger Seat Switch, Heated Seat Module, Seat Memory Module
620Ignition Switch (Fuse (Passenger Compartment): "24", "25", "26")
740Front Blower Motor Relay, Run/Remote Relay
840Accessory Relay (Circuit Breaker, Fuse (Passenger Compartment): "3")
9- -
1030Automatic Shut Down Relay (Powertrain Control Module, ASD Relay, Ignition Coil, Fuel Injector, Ignition Capacitor)
11402005-2009: Liftgate Power Module
1240Rear Window Defogger Relay (Fuse (Passenger Compartment): "2"), Shift Motor/Mode Sensor Assembly
1330Rear Blower Motor Relay
1550Fuse (Passenger Compartment): "7", "8", "9", "10", "33"
16102005-2009: Starter Relay, Cluster, Powertrain Control Module, Front Control Module
17- -
1820Fuel Pump Relay
1920Transmission Control Relay
20- -
2220Powertrain Control Module
2320Trailer Tow Connector
2415Air Conditioner Compressor Clutch Relay
2515Stop Lamp Switch
26- -
2710Ignition Switch (Instrument Cluster)
28- -
R12005-2009: Run/Start
R22005-2009: Run/Remote
R3 -
R5Transmission Control
R6Air Conditioner Compressor Clutch
R7Fuel Pump
R82005-2009: Stop Lamp Inhibit (Traction Control)
R9Front Blower Motor
R10Automatic Shut Down


Integrated Power Module

Integrated Power Module Location

Integrated Power Module Diagram

ACircuit Protected
810Left Front Park/Turn Lamp, Left Front Marker Side Lamp, Left Tail/Stop/Turn Lamp, License Lamp
910Trailer Tow Connector
1010Right Front Park/Turn Lamp, Right Front Marker Side Lamp, Right Tail/Stop/Turn Lamp
1220Front Control Module
1320Front Control Module
1420Adjustable Pedals Relay
1520Fog Lamp Relay
1620Horn Relay
1720Wiper Rear Relay
1820Front Control Module
19202005-2009: Left Trailer Tow Relay (Trailer Tow Brake Lamp Relay Control, Trailer Connector)
152003-2004: Left Trailer Tow Relay (Trailer Tow Brake Lamp Relay Control, Trailer Connector)
2020Front Control Module
21202005-2009: Right Trailer Tow Relay (Trailer Tow Brake Lamp Relay Control, Trailer Connector)
152003-2004: Right Trailer Tow Relay (Trailer Tow Brake Lamp Relay Control, Trailer Connector)
2230Front Control Module
2340Radiator Fan (High) Relay, Radiator Fan (Low) Relay
2730Front Control Module, Fuse (Passenger Compartment): "11", "12"
2830Fuse (Passenger Compartment): "13", "14"
R1Wiper On/Off
R2Wiper High/Low
R4Wiper Rear
R5Left Trailer Tow
R6Right Trailer Tow
R7Park Lamp
R8Radiator Fan (High)
R9Radiator Fan (Low)
R10Fog Lamp
R11Adjustable Pedals

NOTE: If you are leaving your vehicle dormant for longer than 21 days you may want to take steps to protect your battery. You may do this by disconnecting the battery or by disconnecting the two ignition-off draw (I.O.D.) fuses located in the Auxiliary Power Distribution Center (PDC) located in the engine compartment. The I.O.D. cavities include a snap-in retainer that allows the fuse to be disconnected, without removing it from the fuse block. Pressing the I.O.D. fuse back into the cavity reconnects it.