Dodge Dakota (1987-1990) Fuse Diagram


Fuse box diagram (fuse layout), location and assignment of fuses Dodge Dakota (1987, 1988, 1989, 1990).

Dodge Dakota (1987-1990)

Checking and Replacing Fuses

The wiring circuits in the vehicle are protected from short circuits by fuses. This greatly reduces the chance of damage caused by electrical problems.

To check a fuse, look at the silver-colored band inside the fuse. If the band is broken or melted, replace the fuse. Be sure to replace a bad fuse with a new one of the identical size and rating.

Fuses of the same amperage can be temporarily borrowed from another fuse location if a fuse goes out. Replace the fuse as soon as possible.


  • Before replacing a fuse check that the key has been removed from the ignition and that all the services are switched off and/or disengaged.
  • When replacing a blown fuse, it is important to use only a fuse having the correct amperage rating. The use of a fuse with a rating other than indicated may result in a dangerous electrical system overload.
  • If a properly rated fuse continues to blow, it indicates a problem in the circuit that must be corrected.

Instrument Panel Fuse Box Diagram

The fuse block is located under the instrument panel to the left of the steering column.

Instrument Panel Fuse Box Diagram

AProtected Component
120Hazard Flasher
220A/C Cycling Clutch Switch, Back-up Lamp Feed
330Power Window
430A/C & Heater Blower Motor
520Panel Illumination Cav 16, Park Lamps, Tail Lamps, Side Marker Lamps, License Lamps, Clock, Electronics Display Intensity
620Stop Lamps & Buzzer
720Horns, Horn Relay, Tachometer
820Power Door Locks
1020Turn Signals, RWAL Module
1120Windshield Wiper & Waher
1215Cigar Lighter
135Gauges, Low Fuel Relay, Low Oil And Washer Lamp, Emission Maintenance Reminder Lamp, Transmission Oil, Brake Warning, Check Engine, Anti-Lock, Fuel Pacer, Four Wheel Drive Lamps, Buzzer, Speed Control
145Dome Lamp, Glove Box Lamp, Underhood Lamps, Courtesy Lamps, Reading Lamps, Key-in Lamp, Power Mirrors, Radio Clock Memory, Ignition Time Delay Relay
15- -
164Panel Illumination, Cluster, Radio, A/C Controls, Ash Receiver, Overdrive Switch